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Updated May 15, 2012 at 05:54 AM EDT
Hawaii Five O Ua Hala
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Hawaii Five-O

Spoiler alert: Hawaii Five-0 wrapped its second season with an hour that involved a crapload of gunfire, an explosion, and an evil William Baldwin. The Top 5 moments:

• Chin Ho is shirtless getting broken ribs examined: And, it took him extra time to get that shirt back on because of those broken ribs. Nice! He got injured in a blast at the Honolulu Police Department after Hilary Chaver (Taylor Cole), a woman who’d supposedly been killed five years earlier in a police chase, shot and killed Chief Fryer and wounded Max (Masi Oka), who’d followed the trail of blood from the bullet she’d taken from Fryer and found her near the crime scene. Hilary jumped up, ran, hopped into a police car, and took it to the precinct. “Perfect, pretty sure it’s the white one,” Danno said, entering the garage. They tailed her inside and she fooled McGarrett — he thought they were looking for a man and she was just a woman the killer had knocked down running through the basement hallway.

• McGarrett gets that crazy look and does something awesome: They figured she’d seek medical help from a vet, because a doctor would have to report a bullet wound. They ambushed her, and McGarrett shielded Chin and took bullets in the back — which was fine because he was wearing body armor.“What is that look? Please don’t do anything stupid. Please. Nobody likes to get shot. Please don’t do anything,” Danno said. McGarrett rolled a chair into the room with Hilary, and when she fired at it, he slid in on the floor and put four bullets in her chest. “That was for Fryer,” he said.

• Danno tells Rachel he’s going to contest her taking Grace to Las Vegas: He followed them to Hawaii, the least she can do is stay there.

• Frank Delano makes Chin choose between Kono and Malia: Hilary and the man known as “Toothpick” in the show’s credits (how awesome is that) worked for Frank. He had Toothpick kidnap Kono and put her on a boat, and had Malia hostage in her home. He’d made Chin free him from jail, then told him he had time to save one of the women — his cousin or his wife. The other would die. Even if Chin wasn’t a dirty cop back in the day, he knew who was and kept quiet. Frank wanted to see him pay, too. Chin chose Malia, and found her clinging to life. We saw Toothpick dump a duct tape bound and gagged Kono into the water. She was sinking. But let’s hope we don’t just see her carrying that surfboard around all the time for the bikini shots — maybe she’s secretly been practicing how to swim when her arms and legs are dead weight. Mermaid kick back up to the surface? But then what? This doesn’t look good.

• Joe White brings Steve face-to-face with Shelburne in Japan. “Mom?” McGarrett said. Closeup on his face. Closer. And scene.

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