A clever send-up of behind-the-scenes fluff? We wouldn’t expect anything less from Wes Anderson.

In these just-released promos for the director’s new film Moonrise Kingdom, out May 25, viewers can see all the twee Anderson hallmarks in four clips featuring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis and others.

The featurettes play as on-location DVD extras: Narrator Bob Balaban notes via voiceover, “Bill [Murray] isn’t really angry. His character is,” in one video; in another, Balaban describes Bruce Willis: “We’ve all seen Bruce Willis playing some really tough policemen. Here he is playing a really nice cop. He’s laughing. I don’t think that was part of the scene.”

Learn more facts about New Penzance (80 percent of the people on the island have Lyme disease!) and check out the videos below:

Between these behind-the-scenes glimpses and the official trailer, who else is excited for Wes Anderson’s latest?

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