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Now that we know Gossip Girl has been renewed for one final, 11-episode season, it looks like the showrunners will finally have to make up their minds on just about every storyline. If you’ve seen EW’s exclusive clip from tonight’s finale, there are a few things you already know: Blair is doing damage control, she’s hell-bent on destroying Serena, and there’s something she doesn’t want Dan or Chuck to see. Just an average day in the Waldorf domain, right? Here’s what I would like to see happen before the long, steamy summer:

Gossip Girl wreaks havoc: One of the biggest moments of the season was the revelation that the devilish Georgina Sparks was the mastermind behind the salacious titular gossiper…or so we thought. In reality, Georgina was just keeping shop for the real blogger, before passing the reins onto Serena, who, in turn, used her newfound power for her own gain. But now that the original GG is back in the driver’s seat, having stolen back her computer from Serena last week, I’m itching to know how she will exact her revenge. We know that whatever she does is sending Blair into a tailspin, but I can only hope she brings her virtual iron fist down on Serena, revealing herself in the process.

Blair finally makes up her mind: I might be in the minority here, but I never have (and suspect I never will) be able think Blair and Dan’s identity crisis of a relationship was believable. Frankly, after seeing Dan’s hair post-shower last week, I’m surprised that Blair is still sticking around. It’s painstakingly obvious that she’s not jumping for joy at the idea of twirling pasta in front of the Colosseum with Lonely Boy all summer, but will our UES heroine still board that plane? Personally, I’m hoping Blair pushes Dan into the Trevi Fountain in favor of a scheming summer with Chuck.

Clean up that Ivy: Diana, Lola, and Ivy (the three women who infiltrated Manhattan this season) certainly stirred up enough trouble, but their time is up. From Ivy pathetically trying to get into the van der Woodsen’s good graces, to Diana pretending to be Chuck’s mom, to Lola’s indecisiveness about her family, it’s time to trade these hormone-filled ladies in for some male eye candy. As fun as it can be to see Blair and Serena challenged, there’s only one schemer who really makes them tick…

The return of Georgina! Admit it, things are just way more fun when this sharp, sassy player is around, and I’d love to watch her take one more aim at the throne tonight.

What do you hope to see on the finale?

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Spotted: Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck, Vanessa, and Nate — hooking up, breaking up, and freaking out. You know you love it! XOXO!

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