By Adam B. Vary
Updated May 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Channing Tatum
Credit: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Channing Tatum is in talks to play a Secret Service agent in White House Down, from directorRoland Emmerich. Tatum’s character would be tasked with saving the president John McClane-style after a paramilitary squad commandeers the White House. No word on whether Tatum would save the country with killer dance moves. [THR]

Taylor Lautner will be bouncing off the walls in Tracers, a thriller about a bike messenger who gets pulled into parkour, the art of jumping, vaulting, and climbing over seemingly impossible physical obstacles. (It’s practitioners are called “traceurs.”) Spanish director Daniel Benmayor (Bruc, the Manhunt) will direct. [Deadline]

Alan Rickman will star in CBGB as Hilly Kristal, the real-life owner of the renowned punk rock music club. Randall Miller (Bottle Shock) is directing from his script with Jody Savin. [Variety]

Jessica Biel is in early negotiations to star in My Owner’s Wedding, about a dog determined to help his owner find the right woman. [Deadline]

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