Bones Walk Up
Credit: Patrick McElhenney/Fox

On tonight’s season finale of Bones, housebound hacker-turned-killer Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) returns to terrorize Booth and Brennan with, we suspect, more than his ability to change their ringtones and write complex computer code on human remains. Pelant is a person of interest in two murders — make that three after a doctor friend of Brennan’s is found dead. The twist: Pelant frames Brennan for the crime.

Will this earn Pelant a place among TV procedurals’ most memorable serial killers? (That recurring wolf howl ringtone is promising.) Which characters make your list? They can be series regulars, recurring characters (seen or unseen), or one-time guest stars that continue to haunt you. I still cringe thinking of the Mr. Punch mask-wearing killer in Luther‘s second series, while Bones‘ season 2 episode, “Aliens in a Spaceship,” that introduced the Gravedigger remains one of my favorites of the show. (The ending to Bones‘ Gormogon arc blew it for me, which is unfortunate, because a serial cannibal is fairly awesome.) Your turn, procedural junkies. Go!

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