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When Survivor starts back up again in the fall with its 25th season, it will be in a brand new location: the Philippines. Survivor: Philippines recently wrapped filming in the Caramoan Islands, and at the end of the Survivor: One World reunion show, host Jeff Probst revealed both the location and the show’s big twist — that there will be three returning players, each of whom was medically evacuated in a previous season. Each returning player will be on a different tribe, meaning the show is moving back to a three-tribe format for the first time since season Survivor: All Stars back in season 8.

Probst explained the thinking for the twist to Entertainment Weekly while on location back in March. “First we decided on three tribes,” said Probst at base camp on the island of Caramoan. “That was the first thing. And that was just an effort to change up the way the numbers were playing. People were locking into these alliances of five. So we thought, okay, let’s try a three-tribe scenario and see what that does. Once we had the three tribes, we talked about are we going to do returnees? I love returnees. I love second chances. I love the losers bracket in sports. I love all of it. So I love these guys coming back. And then we hit on the evacuees and went, that’s it! These are true second chancers. They were pulled from the game. They didn’t quit. They didn’t get voted out. They were yanked.”

What do you think? Do you like the move to three tribes? Happy to see returning players again? And which three medically evacuated people would you like to see back on the island? Hit the message boards and let us know. You can also read right here what Jeff had to say about the Survivor: One World finale and why the season was “a bit of a letdown.” And my One World finale/reunion recap is live as well. Plus, for more Survivor news and views all year long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.