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The only guarantee going into tonight was that a woman would be the winner of Survivor: One World. That’s because the five players still in the game — Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Kim, and Sabrina — were all women. So which one ultimately proved victorious? My full recap will be up later (UPDATE: Click to read Dalton’s full Survivor: One World finale recap), but to learn who won, and weigh in with your take on if it was the most deserving player, then read on for more. [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the finale for Survivor: One World.]

After winning two more immunity challenges, bridal shop owner Kim Spradlin made it to the final Tribal Council (without even having to use her hidden immunity idol) and was crowned the champion of Survivor: One World by a jury of former players she voted out along the way. Her victory capped one of the most dominant performances in Survivor history, as Kim controlled all three aspects of the game — social, strategic, and physical. She beat out Sabrina and Chelsea in the finals after voting out Alicia (5th place) and Christina (4th place) earlier in the episode.

The biggest shock of the finale was not Kim’s victory, considering how well she played every step of the way, but rather a newfound maturity on the part of jury member Kat, who instead of being bitter about her blindside, instructed the other jury members to not base their decision on being angry, but to actually vote for who played the best game. “It takes a lot more energy to be angry about what happened in this game,” she told them at the final Tribal Council. “And it’s a lot easier to smile and to forgive and be happy, so that’s what I’m gonna say.”

And in the end, the jury said Kim, making her the million dollar winner of Survivor: One World. My full recap will be up soon, but you can sound off on the finale right here and right now. Were you happy with the outcome? Impressed by the new Kat? Humored by how Alicia attempted to compare herself to Kim during her final comments? Hit the message boards to make your voice heard. And for more Survivor scoop all year long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.