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Will Ferrell doesn’t need to do much to win over Saturday Night Live‘s audience. If he appears dressed as Alex Trebek, they’ll be eating out of his hand. If he so much as says the word “cowbell,” the cheers will be deafening. So on tonight’s show, will Ferrell simply break out his George W. Bush, bring back Rachel Dratch for another “Lovers” sketch, do a few “GOU-let”s for good measure, and call it a night? Or will he — and the rest of SNL‘s cast — reject retreads of old sketches in favor of new material?

Yeah… that probably won’t happen. And as long as we aren’t subjected to, say, another Spartan cheerleaders segment, I’m totally fine with revisiting some of Ferrell’s greatest hits. The Anchorman star is one of SNL‘s all-time MVPs — and his beloved characters are beloved for a reason. Plus, Maya Rudolph’s excellent hosting stint earlier this season proved that a new group of writers can still find life in old sketch characters and impressions. If the creatives manage to supplement the reboots with just a few original ideas — like Rudolph’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Laughs” video, which is the funniest thing Saturday Night Live has produced in years — Ferrell’s third outing as host could go down as this season’s best episode yet.

Ferrell will be joined in Studio 8H by Oosher, a delightful German musician from Düsseldorf. (Confused? Click the first link above.) If Oosher can’t make it, we’ll have to settle for the smooth R&B sounds of Usher Terry Raymond IV. Usher’s making his third appearance as musical guest tonight, promoting his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself. (Try starting with the man in the mirror, Ush.) If you really want to feel ancient, check out the singer’s Wikipedia page — which reveals that he’s been making music for 20 years. 20 years! His career is older than every member of One Direction save Louis Tomlinson. I have to go look at old issues of Tiger Beat and wonder when my life began slipping away.

What are you hoping to see from Will Ferrell tonight? We’re basically guaranteed a Celebrity Jeopardy sketch, since he did them both of the other times he’s hosted — but which other Ferrell classics should get the spotlight? (James Lipton, please!) Think Usher might flex his comedy muscles or will he stick to singing? And which other former cast members will pop up to support Ferrell? (In addition to Rachel Dratch, I look forward to seeing Darrell Hammond and maybe Ana Gasteyer.)

Chat about the episode here — and check back tomorrow morning for a full recap. (UPDATE: Click for Hillary’s full SNL with Will Ferrell recap.)

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