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The Secret Circle EP Andrew Miller didn’t know his show was being canceled this morning when he phoned EW to talk about last night’s season finale and tease where a second season would take the witches of Chance Harbor if they were granted one. Below, you can read where the characters were headed. I’m most sad for the loss of the opportunity to see Gale Harold (Charles) go as dark as I’d hoped he be after seeing the pilot. In the finale, Charles redeemed himself by magically luring the six demons inside Eben into his body so that Dawn could save Faye, Melissa, and Jake from burning at the stake (okay, a pole on the old ship). “So now he’s in this comatose state with six demons inside him that can’t get out, in the hopes that soon — let’s say next season — there’s a way to extract those demons,” Miller said. “Who Charles is when that happens remains to be seen. That’s what we wanted to set up for next season: Can the people who love him help him in a way that brings him back to who he was, or is he gonna be someone completely different? He’s come a long way this year, starting off as a completely evil son of a bitch [when he killed Cassie’s mother] and ending up making a self-sacrifice that was pretty stunning. If there is a next season, I suspect that idea of self-sacrifice won’t be uppermost on his mind anymore. He might revert back a little.”

That was what I’d been waiting for — Gale Harold unleashed. “You and me. We were so desperate to show consequences and responsibility, and for him to be an out-and-out bad guy, and a dad, and a guy who brought Cassie, which was so hard to do thematically. It may have taken a long time, but it feels like we can reset his character a little bit more,” Miller said. “He’s so good at being bad, we just needed to give him enough reason to go that way, and I feel like having six demons inside of him and doing what he did to save everyone is enough of a reason to go back. I’m hopeful for a very dark, cool, dangerous as hell Charles next season.” And maybe he could possibly have some sex, I said. “Yes,” Miller said, laughing. “If you’re gonna be dark and dangerous, why not have sex? What’s the fun otherwise?”

Miller admitted one of the struggles of the first season was finding the balance between the parents and the kids on the show. “Sometimes it felt like we were going too far one way or the other. But it was so important to keep this wall up between them because we just didn’t want scenes of the kids sitting around saying, ‘Hey, how do you do this?’ The parents would be doing everything for them, and no teenager wants that in their life. So we had to keep them apart, but in doing so, we weren’t able to utilize Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge both the way we would have liked.” That would have been different next year, he said.

“Season 1 was all about empowerment. Next would be now that they’re empowered, what are they gonna do with it? That feels like a really fun season of television,” he said. Here’s what would have happened:

• A reformed Dawn. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her. “I can see her being pitted against Charles in a very big way. Dawn really, not by choice, is becoming an elder essentially. She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power. I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said.

• A bad boy Adam. The Circle tasked Adam with disposing of the Crystal Skull because he’s the most trustworthy and incorruptible, and yet, he looked like he was about to call it “My precious” the last time we saw him caressing it. “Adam has been, like Jake said, a Boy Scout earning moral merit badges for a season and it’s gotten him nowhere. At every step, he’s been doing the right thing, and he’s lost everything. And when he did the right thing by going to find Cassie and Diana and help them, he was completely useless. He was thrown around like a rag doll, even with his individual magic and determination, it wasn’t enough to do s— against John Blackwell. I feel like Adam’s the skinny kid at the beach who gets sand kicked on him, and is like, ‘This will never, ever happen again. I’m writing away to the back of a comic to be a muscle man,'” Miller said. “So oddly, he is the most vulnerable to the Crystal Skull’s seductive dark powers. I think he’s gonna go down a very dark path.”

• A bad girl Cassie. The Circle doesn’t fully trust her, she has no parental figure in her life, and Diana just left town to get away from her. Cassie’s also vulnerable to dark magic. “As she’s killing her father and he calls out to her and says, ‘We’re the same’ and it’s not enough to get her to stop, I think it is enough to resonate in her brain. When she’s home alone with nothing else, that’s when that dark magic is the strongest,” Miller said. “She’s always been our touchstone for the balance between dark and light, and I think in killing her own father, even though she had to do it, it takes her to a place just the other side of the balance tip, to the darker side. I’m dying to explore that, where it’s not just will she or won’t she, it’s like, Cassie’s in trouble.”

• A battling Diana. Cassie will embrace the dark side, but Diana, who left town with Grant, wouldn’t have. “She’ll strive to be better and fight against it harder than ever,” Miller said. “She’ll have to come back. She can’t run from who she is now that she’s been physically and emotionally marked like she has been. It’s gonna be a fun battle between her and Cassie.”

• A power-seeking Faye. Popping champagne corks with her solo magic wouldn’t have satisfied Faye for long. “These Balcoin kids coming in will present a very interesting problem for all of them individually. I think Faye in particular will have a big role in how these two groups come together. Her search for her individual and power and all the things that she wanted in the beginning of season 1 will come back full force. But because of these Balcoin kids, she’ll be closer to getting it.”

• A Melissa with bad timing. “All she needed to do is find a guy who’s not a douchebag, and it’s not easy, and then there’s Adam, who seems like a good and might be the kind of guy that she should pursue — that may be something that’s on her mind,” Miller said. “Unfortunately, she doesn’t yet know like we do that Adam might be taking a dark path and may be becoming the worst bad boy that she’s ever tried to date. And that will be fun to see.”

• A good guy Jake. “Where Adam and Cassie seem to be heading toward this dark side, Jake is more like Diana, where he’s gonna become a force to be reckoned with, with these Balcoin kids coming,” Miller said. “Jake’s come to a place in his life where he knows he won’t be manipulated again. Blackwell, the guy who reached out to him and became his father figure, then tried to kill him. I don’t think Jake will ever let himself or any of the others be put in that kind of position again. When Cassie starts going down a very dark road, Jake will be the one who’s desperately trying to get her back. And that will complicate what he has with Faye, obviously.”

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