By Kyle Anderson
May 11, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
Autumn DeWilde

Not Your Kind Of People


Garbage’s 1998 album Version 2.0 was so far ahead of its time that its vision of the future — wherein sexy pop robots are built from the grimiest gizmos in the rocktronica junkyard — still has yet to arrive. In the seven years since the band last put out an album, somebody must have recalibrated their flux capacitor; singer Shirley Manson’s sultry bluster on late-’80s industrial chugger ”Man on a Wire” is electric, and Not Your Kind of People‘s title track deftly threads blues licks through a ’60s psychedelic needle. But too often the tomorrow-is-now thrills are missing here. B

Best Tracks:
Noirish, fuzzy single Blood For Poppies
Throbbing Man on a Wire

Not Your Kind Of People

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