By Kyle Anderson
May 11, 2012 at 03:58 PM EDT
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which means that card you haven’t dropped in the mail yet isn’t going to make it to your mom in time. There’s only one thing you can do to make it up to the woman who carried you for nine months: Record a special single and release it on iTunes as a charity event.

But that’s not going to look entirely original, since Justin Bieber already beat you to the punch. He just released “Turn To You,” a midtempo ballad that pays homage to his mother by breaking down her narrative, wherein she gets pregnant with Justin, gets her life together, finds Jesus, and later helps to nurture his nascent career.

All proceeds of the single’s sales go towards saving the Bethesda Center, an Ontario-based women’s shelter in danger of closing that also provided Bieber’s mother with assistance while she was pregnant. Give it a spin below.

While not one of Bieber’s most melodic offerings, it’s still a charming and earnest entry in his catalog (and of course, serves a good cause). Perhaps most importantly, it’s further proof that Justin is in full control of his new big-boy voice, which bodes well for his forthcoming album Believe, out on June 19.

What do you think of “Turn To You”? How does it rate against other tributes to mothers, like Tupac’s “Dear Mama”?


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