It’s no longer messy.

Just a couple days after announcing a title for Mindy Kaling’s upcoming sitcom, Fox has changed the name.

The fall comedy series where the former Office co-star plays an OB-GYN was called It’s Messy.

TV fans weren’t impressed (and neither were we). Now the show is called … The Mindy Project.

… Hm. You know how when you work up the nerve to send something back in a restaurant because it wasn’t cooked right, then when you get the food returned there’s a whole new problem with it? But now you’re really reluctant to say anything because you already complained once and you’d feel like a jerk to do it again? Like that.

Anyway, The Mindy Project screams “temporary title” and we’re sure Fox will have something else by the time fall rolls around.

Now, about The Following