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May 11, 2012 at 04:15 AM EDT

Last night’s 30 Rock, “The Return of Avery Jessup,” unsurprisingly featured the return of Avery Jessup. Avery finally reunited with her family, and despite her prolonged absence, she and Jack decided to quickly go back to life as they once knew it. As expected, the power couple totally crushed their return to normalcy. But not before they both participated in a power struggle/head game that only Avery and Jack could concoct and not hate each other at the end.

Jack feared Avery had cheated with fellow American hostage, Scott Scottsman. Jack tried to guilt Avery into confessing by admitting his own transgressions. (Yes, he wore her nightgowns when she was gone. He did have an erotic dream about an adult Dora the Explorer. And, oh right, he made out with her mother.) But Jack has certainly met his match with Avery. She barely even spoke to Scott, and in a matter of hours got Jack to confess to all his bad behavior. Smart lady, that Avery. And she even forgave him! I think those two are going to make it.

Meanwhile Liz was having her own relationship drama with Criss. Lemon clearly wears the pants in that relationship, even if she can’t pull them off with those hips of hers. And since she makes more money than Mr. Chros, they had a bit of a gender role power struggle. But it wasn’t anything a street fight with faux-Sesame Street characters couldn’t fix. Take that, Elmark!

And finally, Jenna was busy having her own crisis about her southern roots. The Southern Tourism Bureau was paying for her and Paul to get married on an old plantation, “which is great because [their] wedding was going to be slavery themed anyway.” But Jenna’s new, classy demeanor kept her from being southern enough. A little coaching from Tracy and Kenneth remedied that problem, and the panhandle hick inside of her came out in full form. “I’m that knockoff designer shoe,” Jenna declared. “My outside is shiny and pretty. My inside is filled with cardboard and horse glue.” Identity crisis solved!

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