He's the highest-grossing actor of all time — and one of the most prolific. With ''The Avengers'' smashing box office records and the indies ''Meeting Evil'' and ''The Samaritan'' out in limited release this month, we decided it was time to take a deep dive into Samuel L. Jackson's lengthy filmography

Times He’s Played a Dancing Crack Addict: 1

Number of Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2

Number of Movies He’s Died In: 17

Time It Would Take to Watch All of His Movie Nonstop: 7D 23H 22M

Total Box Office Gross: $10,348,150,586

Songs Recorded on Movie Soundtracks: 11

Times He Says ”Motherf—er” in Pulp Fiction, Shaft, and Justice Brown: 63

Times He’s Played a Steely Mentor: 17

Number of Times Voicing an Animated Animal/Superhero/Alien: 8

Times He’s Worn a Trench Coat on Screen: 9

Number of Different Spellings of ”Motherf—er” on Twitter Since He Joined in October 2011: 56

Jackie Brown (Movie - 1997)
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