May 11, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

Times He’s Played a Dancing Crack Addict: 1

Number of Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 2

Number of Movies He’s Died In: 17

Time It Would Take to Watch All of His Movie Nonstop: 7D 23H 22M

Total Box Office Gross: $10,348,150,586

Songs Recorded on Movie Soundtracks: 11

Times He Says ”Motherf—er” in Pulp Fiction, Shaft, and Justice Brown: 63

Times He’s Played a Steely Mentor: 17

Number of Times Voicing an Animated Animal/Superhero/Alien: 8

Times He’s Worn a Trench Coat on Screen: 9

Number of Different Spellings of ”Motherf—er” on Twitter Since He Joined in October 2011: 56

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