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The Secret Circle

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Tonight, The Secret Circle closes its first season with a finale that exec producer Andrew Miller promises will answer our questions about John Blackwell (Joe Lando). When we last left the teen witches of Chance Harbor, Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) had learned that Blackwell had orchestrated the creation of their entire Circle, even if he only fathered them, and Diana found out that Charles (Gale Harold), the father who raised her, had killed Cassie’s mother. Oh, and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) was kidnapped by Eben (Sammi Rotibi), and Blackwell got his hands on the final crystal needed to make the Crystal Skull, which he insists is the only way the Circle can defeat the Witch Hunters. “There is an extremely diabolical next phase to Blackwell’s plans that the kids aren’t privy to, that Faye’s kidnapping has something to do with,” Miller teases. By the end of the hour, we will know Blackwell’s true intentions. “He’s a complicated guy, to say the least. But we’ll completely understand why he’s in Chance Harbor and what he wants, and the viewers can decide just how evil or not evil they think he is,” Miller says. “And Cassie will make that decision very clearly.” There’s a reason the episode is titled “Family”: “For all the characters, but particularly for Cassie and Diana, it becomes a choice about defining whether your family is made up of blood or choice. That’s the decision Diana will have to make, that Cassie will have to make, and the others will have to make as they head to the final minutes of the show.”

What else can you expect? Look for Charles and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) to have a real chance to get their powers back. “Over the last couple of episodes, both of them have come to realize how misguided and selfish their goals have been. While they’ve been talking a big game about wanting their powers back in order to help their kids, this is when they really do have to help their kids. It’s more important than ever to get their powers back,” Miller says. “There’s a way to do that, but they’ve been looking for the easy way out this whole time. What we come to learn is there is no power without loss, no power without struggle. If they want the power, the out won’t be so easy.”

The promo reveals that the Circle will be unbound. “In order to save the Circle, they’ll have to come apart,” Miller says. “But the consequences of that are more complicated than they first imagine.” A preview clip, meanwhile, shows Jake (Chris Zylka) and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) reaching Faye — and Jake kissing her before Eben knocks them all to the ground. “They’re all fun characters, but Jake and Faye are so similar in that they have these very strong masks that they wear that guard against their emotions. I think when Faye’s life is really in danger, when his life is really in danger, there’s just no time for that bulls— anymore,” Miller says. “That’s a moment where Jake is like, I don’t know if we’re gonna make it three steps beyond this, but I have to do this now. I still don’t think he’s gonna write a sonnet for her, but the way he expresses himself is that kiss to say, ‘We might not make it around the next corner, but this is how I feel about you.’ That ties in to an ending beat with them, too.”

The Secret Circle has yet to be renewed for a second season, but if giving the finale solid ratings isn’t enough of a reason to watch, here’s another: Miller had to get out of jury duty this week so he could promote the episode. “I wrote out a whole essay saying this is why I need to postpone to next week. It was like a magical spell, I highly recommend it to people trying to get out of jury duty — use magic,” he jokes. Let’s give him the final word: “What was very important to all of us was to do a finale that answered questions…. It’s an epic finale that ties everything back together, that brings the past to the present and pushes the characters toward the future in a way that I think will be really satisfying to people. And, there’s a little bit of fun thrown in, just for good measure.”

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