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The Secret Circle

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The Secret Circle seems to have embraced an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink philosophy to storytelling. Over the show’s 21 episodes, there have been several demon possessions, at least two resurrections (one of which was thanks to a demon possession!), one super-hot hex sex scene, a memory erasure, and a reveal that two of the show’s main characters are half-sisters… and now there’s a crystal skull? As Steven Spielberg and Geoge Lucas learned a while back, no good can come from a crystal skull.

Taking a more-is-more approach is not uncommon these days in TV storytelling — not only for freshman series (hello, Smash! hey there, Ringer), but also for Circle‘s CW sister shows (I’m lookin’ at you, Gossip Girl). The question remains, though: After screen cuts to black at the end of tonight’s finale, what will be left? How can the Circle possibly keep up this momentum in season 2?

Circle‘s executive producer Andrew Miller seemed confident there would be plenty of ground to cover come fall. He told Mandi Bierly that the finale “opens a whole new story,” and star Chris Zylka teased that “there are so many cliffhangers that I don’t even know where the character is going, to be honest. People are gonna be left in awe about what the hell is going on with these witches.” While I can’t speculate about what this “whole new story” might be, I will say there are some characters who could stand a little more screen time next season if the show is renewed.

Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy)

Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) dark magic and the revelation of Diana’s parentage (Shelley Hennig) have left very little room for any of the other Circle girls to stand out (not that Phoebe Tonkin’s Faye isn’t trying!). Last fall, Melissa proved there’s a little tart to go along with her sweetness when she was possessed. The demon may be long gone, but I’m hoping some residual sass stayed behind. Considering her developing chemistry with Adam (Thomas Dekker), Melissa could mix things up in the increasingly mopy love triangle between Cassie, Adam, and Diana.

Charles (Gale Harold)

Sure, the show is really all about the kids, but Charles made a really strong start that has all but fallen by the wayside in the second half of the season no thanks to the entrance of John Blackwell (Joe Lando). That’s left Charles standing on the sidelines looking pretty. Granted, Harold is exceptionally good at looking pretty, but any of his Queer As Folk fans know that he’s a master at being both deliciously bad and heart-breakingly vulnerable. Give that man some more screen time. (And maybe a shirtless scene or two.)

Grant (Tim Phillipps)

Though he has spent most of his first several episodes getting blown off by Diana, I suspect there’s more to this wayfaring sailor than has been let on. Sure, there would be some value to a “normal” character than meets the eye. It’s pretty clear by now that no one comes to Chance Harbor by… well… chance.

Which character or storyline would you like to see more in season 2, PopWatchers?

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