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It’s D-Day. Or rather, E-Day. Will the citizens of Pawnee reward Leslie Knope’s hard work with a plush city council seat on election day, or will they force her to sit on a metaphorical whoopee cushion? We shall find out tonight on “Win, Lose, or Draw,” the season finale of Parks and Recreation (NBC, 9:30 p.m.). “What’s nice about this episode is that it’s not just about Leslie’s election,” notes Parks executive producer Michael Schur. “Every character has an emotional situation that they’re dealing with. You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for that kind of story line. Also, Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) is in it. So if you’re looking for something else, we have something for you too.”

Schur provided EW with nine other hints about the finale, which you can read below:

• “It all takes place on election day, starting early in the morning and ending very late at night. When we go into it, the situation is that Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) are statistically in a dead heat and it’s going to be incredibly close either way. The premise is that the campaign is done and she’s been going full tilt for so long with such incredible boundless energy that now it’s this weird day where there’s nothing left for her to do, and it drives her a little crazy.”

• “A bit of a bomb is dropped for Leslie and Ben’s (Adam Scott) future, so she’s also dealing with that. I’ll say this: It’s not what you think. It’s not a classic TV relationship problem.”

• “Leslie is momentarily concerned that she might have injured Ann’s (Rashida Jones) boob.”

• “Tom (Aziz Ansari) has a very vivid dream the night before the episode takes place and he’s sure that it is going to come true.”

• “All Ron (Nick Offerman) wants to do is stand at an old wooden bar and drink whiskey, but somehow he ends up getting drawn into several very serious conversations. The interactions he has with his coworkers and his friends lead him to make a certain decision at the end.”

• “Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) plays a huge role in helping Chris (Rob Lowe) snap out of his funk.”

• “April (Aubrey Plaza) is supposed to transfer all the Parks Department files onto a thumb drive, and somehow there’s a computer malfunction and she erases every single file on every computer in the Parks Department. Andy has to help her figure out how to undo her terrible situation… Watch all the way through the [last scene] to see the conclusion of the story.”

• “Jerry (Jim O’Heir) makes a classic Jerry blunder, and it’s a Jerry blunder that could have disastrous consequences for the entire season.”

• “When the episode is over, you will know who won the election. All of the big questions will be answered — but new big ones will also be asked.”

And those are all of the clues you get, Parks fans. Now it’s time to fill the comments section with your predictions for tonight’s finale. Bonus points if they involve Brandi Maxxxx and/or Champion.

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