It’s blockbuster season at the multiplex, so why shouldn’t music videos provide their own crash-boom-bang?

That seems to be Maroon 5’s philosophy. Last night, the band pulled back the curtain on the brand new video for their Wiz Khalifa-assisted single “Payphone,” and it has no shortage of gunfire, car chases, explosions — plus plenty of frontman Adam Levine actually singing into a payphone.

The clip puts Levine in the middle of a bank robbery, and though he initially appears to be just a loan officer or something, he manages to steal a gun, bust out of the bank with a foxy lady, and end up becoming a sought-after fugitive himself. Along the way he steals Wiz Khalifa’s car and loses his shirt.

There’s a little bit of John McClane in Levine’s performance—could he have a future as an action star? Head on over to E! to take a look at the premiere.

Pretty action packed, right? Though it’s not entirely clear why Levine didn’t just explain to the cops that he was a loan officer trying to escape the violent vigilantes holding up the place. And what becomes of the woman Levine escapes with? And why doesn’t he have a cell phone?

With all those questions left hanging, Maroon 5 should consider “Payphone” the first part of a trilogy. Hopefully Levine will be diving through a wedding cake in the next clip.


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