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Each week, host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Survivor: One World.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: While I’m tempted to begin by asking you the last time you wore women’s panties on your head, let’s go with this instead: At this point in time, from your perspective, did Kim and the other ladies make a mistake in keeping Chelsea and ousting Tarzan? Chelsea sure seems like a much bigger threat to win both challenges and jury votes.

JEFF PROBST: No. I think Tarzan wins the game if he makes final 3. I would have gotten rid of him at this point too.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed between the women and men this season is that it’s much harder to play the women against each other because they all talk and eventually uncover your ruse, while the men didn’t seem to communicate as much, so lies were easier to plant. What’s the biggest difference you noticed?

I think this was a perfect storm. If Colton stays longer the game is much different. If just one of the guys had less ego, the game plays differently. The men were driven by so much testosterone they were sitting ducks. Makes you wonder why women don’t run the world… or do they?

For viewers, the debate often seems to boil down to whether to root for the most deserving player — which at this point appears to be Kim — or to root for unpredictability and a tribal shake-up. As a producer, what’s more important: to have a great winner (like Tom in Palau or Boston Rob in Redemption Island) or to have lots of big shake-ups along the way (like in Survivor: Amazon)?

Great question. Hard to answer that other than to say — you want the ending to be satisfying. Though Boston Rob dominated the entire game, for most people his win was satisfying. Had there been a crazy shake up at the end and the lovely young Natalie won, not sure it would have been satisfying. The perfect ending gives you great drama at TC but the person you want to win. This season we have some great choices for winners. I think a case can be made for everybody but Christina. If she wins, it will blow everybody’s mind — but will be a disappointment. Sorry, Christina.

Okay, time for you to hook us up with a big finale tease.

I liked the finale. I like how it played out. I think fans will enjoy it. I’m going to try and tweet a bit during the reunion show, but no promises as it gets kind of hectic!

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