By Hillary Busis
May 10, 2012 at 01:47 PM EDT
Ron Tom/Disney Channel

Howard Stern knows what you think about him becoming a judge on America’s Got Talent — and that’s because he thinks it too. “What a crazy idea to put me on a family show!” he told Matt Lauer jovially on Today this morning. “Somebody at NBC should be fired for that, right?”

But in between reveling in his own controversial nature, ribbing Lauer — at one point he suggested the Today anchor was on crack — and lobbing barbed quips (“I liked when Al Roker was fat better. It’s like, put a pin in him!”), Stern proved that he might just be what reality television needs.

“You know, I watch American Idol sometimes, and those three judges, they don’t have a word of criticism,” Stern told Lauer. “And I think that’s selfish. I think you owe it to the contestants to offer criticism.”

Stern promised to be both compassionate and honest on the talent competition — sort of like a slightly more approachable Simon Cowell. And if his judging persona is anything like his Today interview persona, this season of AGT could very well be must-see TV. Check out Stern’s chat with Lauer below.

Can’t get enough of the King of All Media? Chase his Today appearance with video of him on Late Night last night. The highlight: Stern recalls that after NBC fired him years ago, an exec declared he’d be allowed back on the network only over his dead body. “And guess what?” Stern continued with a grin. “I think he has a dead body now!” (It’s a very funny line… marred only slightly by the fact that Stern’s nemesis, 86-year-old Grant Tinker, is still alive.)

Stern also visited The View on his publicity tour, where he flirted with the ladies, talked about Whoopi Goldberg’s love-life, and opened up about his marriage and his children.

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