By James Hibberd
Updated May 10, 2012 at 07:07 PM EDT

We interrupt this stream of pre-upfront TV series news for an evil-looking albino spider. Surely you’re planning to watch Syfy’s Arachnoquake, starring Tracey Gold (Growing Pains), about massive earthquakes that unleash giant spiders next month, right? Here’s your first look at the creature, which debuts on Syfy on June 23. You don’t want this crawling out of your shower drain:

Yeti or not, here he comes![/caption]

While most networks have ditched their original movie efforts, Syfy has ramped up their output in recent years and currently airs more first-run movies than ever (24 in 2010). Some of the movies are lousy and many are pretty fun, but the movies have one thing in common: horrendous titles. How about: Rage of the Yeti. Now that’s a title! It sounds like a furious, snowy Ewok.

Arachnoquake would be a solid contender for our Syfy’s most awesomely bad movie titles list (Yeti already made the cut). Click on the link for more winning losers with photos: