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Updated May 09, 2012 at 04:37 PM EDT

Desperate Housewives

Death has always been big on Wisteria Lane.

That became extremely apparent back in March, when former Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan took ABC Studios to court over the on-screen death of her character Edie Britt, who she said was killed off the show in retaliation for an incident the actress had with series creator Marc Cherry. One of the central questions during those proceedings was: Does Desperate Housewives actually kill off big characters like Edie? A chunk of ABC’s defense was spent trying to prove that, partly by including a video montage of all the characters that had been killed. Said video was a doozy, featuring dozens of deaths on the show. Up until that point, Sheridan’s character was arguably the biggest character to bite the dust, although Susan Delfino’s husband Mike (James Denton) would soon meet his maker. (Hatcher was none too happy about that, although she didn’t take ABC to court over it.)

The short answer to the Desperate Housewives death question, though, is: Yes, they do kill of characters. So, in anticipation of the show’s series finale on Sunday, May 13 — which may include a death or two? — ABC has released a funny video montage of all the grim reaping that Wisteria Lane has witnessed over its eight seasons. Although it’s clearly not the same montage that was used in court, it’s a pretty fun romp and a reminder of all those great moments. Not to mention it’s cheekily set to “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Interestingly enough, the demise of Sheridan’s vampy Edie is nowhere to be found, but the shooting of James Denton’s plumber Mike is featured prominently right in the middle of the montage, which also includes the ends of fave characters like Martha Huber (Christine Estabrook), Frank Kaminsky (Larry Hagman), Nora Huntington (Kiersten Warren), and Victor Lang (John Slattery). Prepare for Sunday evening by enjoying the video here:

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