By Breia Brissey
May 09, 2012 at 04:15 AM EDT
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I imagine last night’s episode of Cougar Town was pretty polarizing for fans. Some of you, myself included, are all aboard the Laurie/Travis romance train. And others are wholeheartedly against it. In “Down South” Trav and Laurie got the closest we’ve ever seen them get to becoming anything more than just friends.

Hurricane Mary was a-brewin, so naturally Jules & Co. were planning a hurricane party. “I love hurricanes. They’re like adult snow days. You don’t have to go to work. You drink and play games!” So just like every other day for our favorite cul-de-sac crew, but with wind! Laurie couldn’t get too excited about the hurricane party because she was too sad about her long-distance relationship with her Twitter boyfriend, Wade. He’d reenlisted, which meant he’d be overseas for at least another year. With his prolonged absence, she wasn’t sure if she should continue dating him. And while she was in her mourning period, Travis swooped in to be the shoulder she could cry on.

Unsurprisingly, Jules was not thrilled about a potential Laurie/Travis hookup. Ellie took Jules’ side, but Bobby and Andy disagreed. Grayson was Switzerland neutral on the issue. So they decided to play a game of Penny Can! Celebrity to see who would get their way.

Meanwhile, Travis and Laurie continued to bond until Wade interrupted them via Laurie’s iPad. Travis stepped in and had a heart-to-heart with Wade, and then things took a turn for the really weird. Trav wore the iPad on his head so he could act as Wade’s body. Because that’s not awkward at all. Wade asked Laurie to wait for him, and Travis convinced her to see the relationship through so she wouldn’t have any regrets.

In the end, it didn’t matter who won that game of Celebrity because Jules decided she was okay with whatever Travis wanted. She just wanted him to be happy. But even that didn’t matter since Travis decided to be the bigger man and, again, push his feelings for Laurie aside. Poor, Trav! That’s worse than wearing a helmet.

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++ “Welcome to Cougar Town: ‘I didn’t know it was back on either.’ —Abed”

++ “Of all the relationships of people who’ve never met each other, I really believed in this one.” —Travis, on Laurie’s relationship with Wade

++ “Taters are for laters.” —Jules (This line out of context totally doesn’t mean what you think it does)

++ “Travis got Laurie pregnant!… Maybe I took a few steps ahead, but still, it would be so horrible if those two hooked up.” —Jules

++ “What am I doing waiting around for a guy that I’ve never even held hands with, or kissed, or burnt with a match?” —Laurie

++ Andy and Bobby’s continued bromance. “I love you buddy.” “You don’t even know.”

++ “Maybe the can date some day, like, you know, when I’m dead.” —Jules, on the possibility of Travis and Laurie together

++ The crew reenacting The Perfect Storm on Bobby’s boat

++ “I’m only an okay storm. I’m not the perfect storm!” —Ellie

++ Ellie coloring in Jules’ gray hairs with a marker

++ Butt ball “split the cheeks!”

++ Bobby and Andy playing Celebrity:

Andy: “Mustache.”

Bobby: “Tom Selleck.”

Andy: “Other mustache.”

Bobby: “Burt Reynolds.”

Andy: “No mustache but should have one.”

Bobby: “Harrison Ford.”

++ Grayson doing his Michael Jackson poses in the wind

++ “It’s closing time. I know you’re sad. But don’t drink and drive, it might kill your dad.” —Grayson trying out a new bar-closing slogan

++ “Let’s end this. This way your granddaughter’s first words won’t be ‘what what!'” —Ellie

++ “I knew David Barstool wasn’t an actor!” —Andy

What did you think of “Down South,” PopWatchers? What was your favorite moment or line from the episode? Hopefully nothing in the show or this recap made you fake fall asleep. Sound off in the comments below. That’s all she drank folks, see you on the flip!

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