By Annie Barrett
Updated May 09, 2012 at 01:00 PM EDT

Welcome back to another round of’s American Idol Power List — in which I attempt to predict how America will vote for the finalists of Tiny Teens and you disagree with me and post your own ranking, and it’s okay because none of us plebes are fortune-tellers and the only being who knows exactly what will happen is celestial mouthpiece Ryan Seacrest.

Tonight the Top 4 take on two themes: “California Dreamin” (songs from any artist who has been to California — just kidding, I think they need to have created music there) and “The Song I Wish I Wrote.” Read through my list, then leave your own ranking in the comments….


, this is such a crapshoot. I put Skylar at the top last week and look what happened. I’m useless. But I strongly feel like there’s no clear frontrunner right now. Here’s my best shot.

4. Hollie Cavanagh: She’s spent so much time on the stools of doom that I have no choice but to put her here. Hollie’s upward trajectory has been, for me (for you?), one of the best parts of the season. I keep bleeding I keep keep bleeding love for her and her newfound confidence, but I’m not sure she’s getting enough votes.

3. Joshua Ledet: Will Joshua’s leave-it-all-on-the-floor antics resonate as loudly once he doesn’t score the pimp spot this week? I find myself remembering his performances for the hyperbolic praise and standing Os from the judges first and Joshua’s undeniable talent second. Why can’t they just let the boy sing?

2. Jessica Sanchez: Last week’s “You Are So Beautiful” was out-of-this-world gorgeous and just as deserving of a standing O as anything Joshua’s done. I think the “short white dress scandal” for “Proud Mary” was just a pointless way for Jimmy Iovine to fill time. Nobody’s not gonna vote for someone just because she wears undies and heels onstage. That’s lewdicrous. She needs to pick some WOW songs that rely on pure vocals instead of cheesy performance value this week, as I think the ball’s in her court more than anyone else’s right now. I’m excited for what she could turn out — and a bit terrified that she’ll be boring instead.

1. Phillip Phillips: I’m sorry! I know he was terrible on “Time of the Season,” during which P. Phil’s big secret was revealed: He cannot sing a melody! But he’s hot, he may get a voting surge (which he doesn’t even need) thanks to pity if they decide to play up his health problems this week, and the kid’s never been in the bottom two. If he’s the inevitable WGWG winner this year, I sure hope he cranks out some decent performances this week and next.

Everyone loves to make a list. Do it!

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