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In the wake of North Carolina’s election results that approved Amendment One, a ban on same-sex marriage, celebrities have rallied on Twitter to speak out for equality. Ellen DeGeneres, who had a legal wedding in California before Prop 8 passed, tweeted, “Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done. I hope everyone in North Carolina gets the same opportunity someday.”

Fellow out actors Alan Cumming and Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson also tweeted their disappointment with the decision in North Carolina, as did straight actors Russell Brand, Christopher Gorham, North Carolina native Brooklyn Decker, and even a certain Harry Potter character who must not be named. See their responses and more below.

Alan Cumming: “Wow North Carolina, wow. What a sad day when you tell the world you are active and blatant persecutors of civil rights, equality and love.”

Christopher Gorham: “Today, North Carolina became the 30th state to vote itself onto the wrong side of history. #NOH8″

Touré: “RT @thinkprogress: Last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage”

Damon Lindelof: “That’s it, North Carolina — You’re no longer allowed to watch BRAVO. #SeriouslyThoughShameOnYou”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “Oh North Carolina….Wah Wahhhh (Debbie Downer Trombone Sound).”

Russell Brand: “If I ever find myself in North Carolina I shall marry a man just to feel safe.”

Zach Braff: “Well @donald_faison , I guess we can cross North Carolina off the retirement state list.”

Loni Love: “North Carolina you’re going to miss out on some fabulous weddings…”

Mia Farrow: “Oh North Carolina – the disappointment we feel now is nothing compared to the bewilderment & shame your children will feel”

Leslie Bibb: “Hey North Carolina, u disappointed me & u broke my heart. Love is love. Stay in ur lane & stop thinking u know better. Clearly u don’t.”

Kelly Cutrone: “The Weather Channel has confirmed there will be no more rainbows over North Carolina #anotherheterodrearyday”

Dax Shephard: “North Carolina, this ugly amendment has no place in your Beautiful state. It’s incongruous. Fix it young people.”

Andrew Zimmern: “BREAKING: North Carolina proves that ignorance and hatefulness can be legislated. Sad.”

Brooklyn Decker: “Really disappointed in my home state of North Carolina this evening. One giant step backward.”

The Dark Lord: “Dear North Carolina, Dumbledore does not approve.”

EW Columnist Mark Harris: “A lot of people will be angry at North Carolina tonight. But let’s honor the many people there who voted AGAINST an act of hatred.”

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