May 08, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT

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‘CSI’ season finale: Big finish!
Ken Tucker: End of solid season for Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue sets up even better things to come

‘New Girl’ finale: Time to make this horse into a unicorn
Lanford Beard on a keeper: Cohesive, funny, touching, and chockablock with ’90s songs (and Thomas Lennon)

‘2 Broke Girls’ finale: Still invested?
Hillary Busis wants to like the comedy, but as it wraps its first season its problems overshadow its promise

‘Castle’ season finale: Your take?
SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve seen tonight’s episode, share your reaction! More dish on ”Caskett” ahead

‘Raising Hope’ season finale: Verdict?
SPOILER ALERT! Sandra Gonzalez on season finale — and satisfaction that the series will be back for more

‘Psych’ finale: What’d you think?
Sandra Gonzalez: After a season of excellent tomfoolery, earnest moments — and a closing twist

‘One Tree Hill’: Finale thoughts?
April Daley on growing up with the CW series; if you’ve seen the series finale, share your impressions

‘Alcatraz’ finale: So?
SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve seen the season (possibly series) finale, weigh in; full recap is in the works

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