By Hillary Busis
May 08, 2012 at 07:22 PM EDT
David Gabber; Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Is there something in the water in Hollywood… and also New Jersey? Because in the past five weeks, saving a civilian’s life has become the new Kabbalah — everyone who’s famous is doing it. In April, Ryan Gosling grabbed a woman who was this close to being flattened by a taxi. Newark mayor Cory Booker one-upped the Blue Valentine star by pulling a woman out of a burning building later that month. And Patrick Dempsey proved his own life-saving bona fides two weeks ago by prying a 17-year-old boy out of a wrecked car. (When the kid came to, he asked Dempsey if he was famous. McDreamy’s response? “Yeah, I’m a doctor.”)

But these three dreamy dudes aren’t the only boldfaced names getting into the superhero game. EW has confirmed that less than two weeks ago, 74-year-old Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman tended to a jogger who suffered a heart attack while running in London’s Hyde Park. As The Sun originally reported, the onetime Marathon Man quickly dashed over when he saw lawyer Sam Dempster collapse. Hoffman called paramedics and tended Dempster until they arrived, not leaving the stricken man until he was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Afterwards, Hoffman soared into the sky — where he will stay, waiting and watching, until another exerciser is in need.

And then there’s Mila Kunis, who came running when a 50-year-old member of her household staff suffered a seizure Saturday. TMZ writes that Kunis quickly had a friend dial 911, then turned the man’s head to one side so he wouldn’t choke. She also allegedly volunteered to ride with the victim to the hospital. (Kunis’s rep didn’t immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.) Beauty, brains, and bravery — it’s all part of the celebrity hero package.

Gosling, Booker, Dempsey, Hoffman, and Kunis need to join crime-fighting life-saving forces and form their own IRL version of the Avengers. Noble Gosling can be Captain America, the group’s fearless leader. Well-coiffed Dempsey has Thor written all over him. Kunis’s Eastern European background and extra X chromosome makes her a natural Black Widow. Hoffman will provide sage advice and much-needed wisecracks as an older, less self-centered Iron Man. And cerebral but strong Booker can round out the group as a less rage-filled Hulk — because it takes a giant to carry someone out of a fire-filled house.

Of course, this means there’s still one spot open on the team. But who has what it takes to embody sharp-shooting Hawkeye? Honestly, Jeremy Renner himself is probably up for the task — unless Jennifer Lawrence wants to use her Hunger Games-learned archery skills to, say, stop a bank robbery.

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