By Ray Rahman
May 08, 2012 at 06:32 PM EDT
Phil Andelman

It’s been a bad week in the Beastie Boys’ corner of the universe.

A day before founding member Adam Yauch’s death, the band was hit with a lawsuit over the use of samples on two of their best-regarded albums, Paul’s Boutique and Licensed to Ill.

The suit, filed by the label Tuf America, alleges that the two albums illegally sample the band Trouble Funk’s 1982 songs “Drop the Bomb” and “Say What.” Both the Beasties and Capitol Records were named in the suit, some of which is available on All Hip-Hop for your viewing displeasure.

So what are the offending Beastie songs? The suit name checks Licensed to Ill‘s “Hold It Now Hit It” and “The New Style” and Paul’s Boutique‘s “Car Thief” for cribbing from “Drop the Bomb,” as well as that album’s “Shadrach” for stealing elements from “Say What.”

Tuf America wants the matter to go to trial, but in the meantime, let’s give the songs in question a listen to see (slash hear) what all the hubbub’s about:

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