By Lanford Beard
May 07, 2012 at 03:09 PM EDT

Even Ted Nugent’s explanations are incendiary. After going off on a CBS This Morning correspondent last week, rowdy rocker Ted Nugent defended his outburst to AM radio host Mike Broomhead. Naturally, the way in which Nugent explained himself was just as outrageous as the incident itself. “The left media and Wasserman Schultz will try to tell you that I threaten the president’s life and that I’m a mean, nasty man who wants to rape your puppy,” said Nugent. Wait, what? Who brought puppies into this? 

Listen to the full interview below.

Apparently POTUS himself did. If you follow Nugent’s meandering thought process, he’s referencing Barack Obama’s admission that he ate dog meat as a child. Nugent assured, “I wouldn’t rape your puppy, but I’m sure if the president needs a little chow, I could do a little bushmeat for him.”

But back to the CBS interview, Nugent used it as a way to further blast “the left media” for putting him under the microscope for his inflammatory comments. Nugent once again mentioned his participation in charity work — the same topic that triggered his expletive-laden tirade last week. By The Nuge’s reasoning, if families with sick kids think he’s a sane and safe enough to entrust with their children, then “there’s no other scrutiny that can determine better if I’m okay or not.”

He called his hour-long chat with CBS “without question, the greatest interview that you can get, and if anybody doesn’t understand that, call 1-800-NUMB-NUT, and Michael Moore will share you his personal hygiene regimen with you.”

As for his work saying wildly provocative things, if you ask Nugent, it’s a holy mission. “God sent me to spotlight cockroaches,” said the irascible Nugent. “I’ve never done better work.”

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