For fans of Between Two Ferns, the hilarious bite-sized webisodes in which a passive-aggressive version of Zach Galifianakis awkwardly interviews quickly chagrined celebrities, the promise of a full-length television episode threatened to be almost too much of a good thing. Would Comedy Central, which aired the special last night before The Comedy Awards, ruin the low-rent vibe of the show by throwing millions of Viacom dollars at the funnyman? And could the show hold up over the course of a half hour, rather than the quick four-minute hits that have so delighted you during your lunch break.

Have no fear, Ferners. Though Galifianakis sported a tuxedo and a new high-rise set, and modeled the show after one of Oprah or Barbara Walters’ pre-Oscar specials to celebrate “entertainment’s biggest night, the second annual Comedy Awards,” Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York was as antagonistic and hilarious as ever. Watch the clip of his interview with “absentee mother” Tina Fey below, as well as bits of his time with Jon Stewart and Sir Richard Branson:

Once I saw the show’s lame 1980’s Commodore 64 font, I knew I was in good hands. (Watch the entire episode here.) But does this mean the show will replace the occasional webisode? I hope not. As funny as the Comedy Central television show was, there is something even more enjoyable about the surprise online comic morsels.

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