Credit: Darren Michaels

If something’s broken, Martha Stewart probably knows how to fix it. But how will she do against two broke girls?

In tonight’s one-hour season finale of CBS freshman comedy, 2 Broke Girls, the domestic diva meets Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) at a gala as they seek her seal of approval on their beloved cupcakes. But, warns Behrs, they might run into a few issues on the way. (See the video below for a short peek at the embarrassment!)

But one issue they definitely didn’t have? Making Martha Stewart a comedienne.”It doesn’t surprise me! She’s such a wonder woman in everything else she does — like superwoman — of course she’d be able to pick up a comedy script and be funny,” gushes Behrs.

During our short chat, the bubbly Behrs had nice things to say about her costar as well as the show’s writers, who this season have been the target of much criticism from the media for their racy and, some say, racist jokes. “I’m such a fan of our writing staff, and everything they write is from a place of truth within what the characters are going through in the moment. I’ve never once felt like anything has been out of [place] — even when it’s a really dirty joke or something,” says Behrs. “It’s still coming from a true place… We don’t really pay attention to [criticism] on set. People are always going to have a problem with something.”

This year, the actress admits, has been a crash course in rolling with the punches. (The show is her first big TV gig.) But above all, she’s confident the show’s purpose shines through. “Our show has a lot of heart and a lot of warmth and I wish people would recognize that as well,” she says.

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