By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated May 05, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
Marcel Williams/The CW

Those Leviathan better watch out — the Winchesters are coming for their gooey butts. And something tells me it’s going to be a good showdown.

After watching last night’s episode, though, I’m not exactly sure Castiel, who we last saw in a catatonic state, is in fighting form. In “Reading is Fundamental,” Meg called the brothers to inform them that Castiel had woken up — but there was a twist. Being Meg, though, she made them drive to see it for themselves: Castiel had lost it. Like, completely and totally not normal.

For his part, after seeing Castiel’s state, Sam seemed incredibly indebted to his angel pal. I was in LOVE with the scene they shared, where Sam promised to help him and make him better. But it broke my heart when Castiel responded with confusion because it showed that he didn’t even realize there was an issue. (Side note: I’d quote it for you, but my DVR failed for the second time in so many weeks. Thank goodness I watched the episode live. But I’m on the verge of a major breakup with Mr. Tivo.)

But patience wasn’t quite what Dean was serving up when interacting with Cas. (Hell, he couldn’t even make it through an ironic game of Sorry without his frustrations getting the better of him.) Dean was still harboring ill feelings about everything Cas did that led them all to this point. Part of me was sad Dean couldn’t forgive and forget, but then after thinking about it, I was glad he wasn’t over it all yet. When you really care about someone, it’s harder to let things go, which is strange since our friends are the ones most deserving of forgiveness. (Life’s funny that way.) So I don’t fault him for being short with Cas — I only hope that we see the in a good place again by the end of the season. These two are buddies — even if one is currently several fruit loops short of full bowl. Though, I have to say, Castiel was in amazing form tonight. Barbed cat penises? “Pull my finger” jokes (with a supernatural twist)? Transformers nods? His dialogue was all sorts of brilliant tonight.

Plot-wise, it became clear we’re in the home stretch of the Leviathan storyline. The boys discovered that their stone tableau is actually the word of God (Mmmk.) and it contained secrets on how to defeat the Leviathan. Too bad they didn’t know how to read it. Enter “chosen one” Kevin — an Advanced Placement high school student who eventually helped the brothers crack the code, using his new prophet powers.

One thing I can say about this character is that I loved his believability. As viewers, we have become so acquainted with the world of the Winchesters that I sometimes forget everything is so…weird. So watching Kevin have a panic attack over the whole thing was a nice reminder that there is still a normal world with normal people in the universe of Supernatural.

With few episodes left to go in this season, I appreciated that this episode kicked off the race to resolution. But if you told me to guess where it’s heading, I really couldn’t at this point. After Dick Roman gets what’s coming to him, how will we launch into the now-official eighth season? Another “I’m God”-like twist? Bobby crossing over? Such question always give me a headache around this time, so I try not to overthink. But that’s where you come in: Where’s all this headed, readers? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on tonight’s best moments, lines, and the big picture.