By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Updated May 04, 2012 at 04:00 AM EDT
CAREER SUICIDE Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg in A Little Bit of Heaven
Credit: Richard Foreman Jr.

A Little Bit of Heaven

  • Movie

Terminal colon cancer has never looked more fetching than in the critically ill romantic-disease comedy A Little Bit of Heaven. Really, as embodied with clueless good humor by Kate Hudson, fatal sickness looks more like a lifestyle and wardrobe choice than a tragedy. Hudson plays a fiddle-dee-dee independent gal named Marley who enjoys her friends, her job in advertising, and noncommittal sex with cute guys; she also enjoys her New Orleans, a magical travel brochure of a city untouched by reality.

Short story even shorter, Marley finally sees a doctor about her run-down state, and wouldn’t you know, that doc, Dr. Goldstein, is single, cute, and played by moist-eyed Gael García Bernal. One colonoscopy, failed clinical trial, and death sentence later, and the two are in love. Marley may have cancer, but at least she’s saved from dying as a fiddle-dee-dee independent gal! She makes amends with everybody. Oh, and she has a couple of breezy chats with God, who, as played by Whoopi Goldberg, regards Marley — and, by extension, this inane movie — with an appropriate expression of omnipotent WTF. (Also available on VOD) D-

A Little Bit of Heaven

  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 108 minutes
  • Nicole Kassell