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Marvel first debuted their all-star superteam in Avengers No. 1 almost 50 years ago. Today, the team hits the big screen in a geektastic bonanza that’s on track to become one of the biggest blockbusters ever. Of course, the superheroes in the movie look quite a bit different from the original characters. Back in 1963, Iron Man was still wearing a bright robo-suit that made him look like Mr. Clean combined with a Yellow Submarine. Hulk wasn’t as hulking — he was wrestler size, not truck size. Thor had yet to discover facial hair. Captain America was nowhere in sight. And the team was filled out by a pair of diminutive superheroes — supersmart Ant-Man and supersassy Wasp — who have yet to appear on screen.

However, when you reread Avengers No. 1, you can see how the comic-book origin story road mapped the movie. The villain remains demented trickster god Loki, who inadvertently creates the team through his skullduggery. The film spends a little bit more time luxuriating in the clash of egotistical personalities — evidence, perhaps, that we no longer live in a world where superheroes can fight evil together just because. But there remains the inherent thrill of witnessing powerful heroes in the process of realizing that they can be even more powerful together.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to cook up a little alternative-universe visual treat for you. EW’s visual guru Jef Castro has re-created the original iconic cover of Avengers No. 1 with the cast of the movie. It speaks to director Joss Whedon’s retro sensibility that the result doesn’t look that strange. (By comparison, imagine the Christopher Nolan version of this cover. I’m scared just thinking about it.) Click on the image below for a larger look at the image, and compare it to the original cover here.

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