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Can you imagine an alternate reality wherein Kurt doesn’t commit suicide and the Cobain clan lives on happily ever after?

The ongoing saga of the family Cobain just got another wrinkle when The Fix revealed that 19-year old Frances Bean Cobain—the only child of Kurt and Courtney—has actually been in control of her father’s name, likeness, and appearance rights since 2010.

Documents show that in 2009, following her losing custody battle for Frances in 2009, Courtney agreed to step down as the administrator of End of Music LLC in exchange for $2.75 million, paid out to through Frances’ trust fund. The payout is a loan and until Courtney pays it back, she has no say in the business use of her late husband’s name or likeness.

As a part of the custody battle from a few years ago, Frances Bean also owns a generous portion of her father’s artifacts, including paintings, musical equipment, and personal items.

Though an executive named Larry Mestel has administrative rights to the catalog, and can approve usages like the inclusion of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the recent Muppets movie, this ultimately means that Frances is in control of her father’s posthumous legacy. So if Nirvana songs show up in advertisements or if her dad’s hologram goes on tour, it’ll be on her.


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