HBO’s Luck continues to solidify its position as an ironically titled TV show.

Canceling the horse-racing drama cost the network’s parent company $35 million, according to Time Warner’s quarterly earning report released this week. Luck‘s second season had already started production when the network abruptly decided to pull the plug on the drama in March. Among other things, HBO had to pay off the show’s production contracts and talent, such as star Dustin Hoffman and creator David Milch.

The modestly rated Luck came under fire by animal activists when three of the show’s 50 horses died during filming. Responding to the company’s financial loss, a PETA vice president told The Washington Post: “They’ve lost a fortune, but the horses who died have paid a much bigger price.”

Time Warner’s quarterly report, however, singled out the strong performance of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which has grown to become the network’s third most-popular series of all time behind The Sopranos and True Blood.

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