The last few trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man have leaned on the notion that this reboot of the Spidey franchise reexamines how Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) became the famed web-slinger. Perhaps sensing some audience fatigue with the idea of seeing yet another superhero origin story, the newest (and likely last) Amazing Spider-Man trailer takes an intriguing new approach. “This life is not an easy one,” says a weary Peter in the opening moments of the trailer, and we see him already hard at work as Spider-Man — which is to say, the assumption is that you already know who Spider-Man is, and what he can do. This trailer focuses on a different kind of origin story: “The one thing that has haunted me my entire life,” says Peter, “is finding the truth about my parents.”

We also get a few new, more fleshed-out glimpses of Dr. Curt Connors’s (Rhys Ifans) alter ego, The Lizard. More intriguing is the shadowy figure demanding to know if Connors told Peter about his father. Who is this raspy-voiced character? Is it Oscorp head Norman Osborn, a.k.a. Green Goblin? The DNA-obsessed Dr. Miles Warren, a.k.a. the Jackal? Someone new? Check out the trailer below, and decide for yourself:

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