By Lynette Rice
May 02, 2012 at 06:09 AM EDT
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Jaleel White thought he had done his best during the third — and final — Dance Duel of the season on Dancing with the Stars. “I kind of whispered to Kym before, look, this is our encore, let’s dance this like it’s our last dance!”

Unfortunately, he and Johnson did just that: The duo became the seventh couple Tuesday to leave the dance floor.

“There are no tears here,” he told reporters afterwards. “I am proud of my last dance and I can’t wait to see it in the morning. The judges have to do what they have to do and there is going to be nothing but good dances going forward from here on out.”

White wasn’t too surprised that he got the boot. “Somebody has to go home and that’s what it is. I don’t want to name names but trust me when the next shocker comes up, and the one after that, you guys will be standing here talking to them.”

At least he leaves the show 15 pounds lighter. But he gained something at the same time: Respect for his pro. “Every time I’m going home to go to sleep Kym is going off to rehearsals. She’s looking at something on her iPad, coming up with the next dance, when we roll out of here she’s going back to work. If anything I really respect her work ethic, and that’s what I really enjoyed having my daughter around her, I loved to bring my daughter to work, because I wanted her to see that this is not fame and game, this is work man.”

So what’s next, Urkel Jaleel? “I have a wonderful game show on the sci-fi Channel called Total Blackout. It just premiered to ridiculous numbers last week so congratulations to sci-fi and NBC Universal. Other than that I have a ton of different acting stuff thathas been pushed aside and on the back burner, I have been guesting everywhere so I’m just happy that people are seeing me in a different light and I stepping outside of my comfort zone and that seems to be paying off for me, so I’m going to keep doing it.”  Johnson, in the meantime, is heading to Las Vegas to perform in the Sin City-based version of DWTS.

One last question for the ’90s sitcom star. Any regrets? “Gosh, that’s one I’d have to think about and I need champagne before I could answer it.” — With reporting from Steve Gidlow

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