By Annie Barrett
Updated May 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Welcome back to another round of’s American Idol Power List — in which I attempt to predict how America will vote for the finalists of Tiny Teens and you disagree with me and post your own ranking, and it’s okay because none of us plebes are fortune-tellers and the only being who knows exactly what will happen is celestial mouthpiece Ryan Seacrest.

Tonight the Top 5 take on a British song and a song from the ’60s. (My classic rock-obsessed brain can’t stop thinking these are the same category.) They’ll be mentored by Jimmy Iovine’s seatmate from last week: Steven Van Zandt, TV’s Silvio Dante and guitarist from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Read through my list, then leave your own ranking in the comments….


. This was hard! I’m thinking it might all depend on song choice this week.

5. Hollie Cavanagh: She’s been in the bottom two recently, even after two solid weeks of more confident, emotional performances. I can see it in the script: The judges will put a (sparkly) pin in their brief love affair with Hollie in the interest of advancing the others.

4. Jessica Sanchez: This should be a strong week for Jessica performance-wise (heck, they all are) but she’s become a polarizing contestant. Some think she’s perfect; others think she’s a robot; many suspect she’s both. I almost think she’ll be better off if the judges give her a hard time tonight.

3. Joshua Ledet: He’s been so consistent, and last week’s “Ready for Love” proved he doesn’t need to scream to be effective. But are restraint, maturity, and the occasional gospel choir going to win him a popularity contest? And are the judges’ constant standing Os annoying to voters who might also enjoy any of the other contestants?

2. Phillip Phillips: As long as he’s not doubling over in kidney pain, I think this kid will end up near the top. He’s a white guy with a guitar who just wants to jam with you. Millions of voters are dying to let him. Yo daddy let you date?

1. Skylar Laine: I just have a weird feeling that unless she picks strict country songs that might alienate crossover fans, Skylar is poised to win this thing. I think she’s the contestant teenage girls find the most exciting. She’s not a living doll, she has so much unbridled fun on stage, and she can wail when necessary.

Everyone loves to make a list. Do it!

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