UPDATE: Lots of fans have posed another question for Willam: Why did she barf on the runway just before being disqualified? At the reunion taping, an audience member posed the question to Willam, but the answer she gave didn't make the cut in the episode that aired last night—probably because it wasn't as juicy as we had all hoped. Since EW was at the Reunited taping, we can tell you her answer. It's rather basic, really: Willam explained that she knew she was getting eliminated from the show, so during her lunch break that day, she gorged herself. If you remember, she was wearing a corset-style top that day. So it was simply biology at work: She ate too much and was squeezed into something too small to hold it—so something had to go. Willam did explain, however, that she cleaned up the mess herself.

EARLIER: What did Willam do? It was the question we all asked after the controversial contestant was eliminated from RuPaul's Drag Race—a first for the series—back in mid-March. Rumors about what rules Willam broke spread like wildfire, but at the time, the queen wouldn't reveal her transgressions, even during an interview with us here at EW.

All the details came to light, however, on tonight's season 4 finale-reunion of RuPaul's Drag Race, where Willam—dressed in a skin-tight, flesh-toned dress—revealed what she did to get booted from the runway prematurely, during a one-on-one interview with the show's host and head judge RuPaul.

Of course, Willam started out answering the question—"What did Willam do?"—by making a joke. "What didn't I do?" she said. But then she continued with the answer that she's peddling as the truth—that she was having sex with her husband in the hotel where the Drag Race queens were quarantined during taping. (It's common knowledge that reality show contestants are cut off from the outside world during the competition.)

Specifically—in a bit that got cut from the episode that just aired—Willam explained: "My husband was coming to bang me out."

"When you go away to Drag Race, you can't tell anyone—it's top-secret," Willam said during the episode. "And I told my husband I was doing a non-union horror movie in Europe, which I've done before and they suck, so don't watch them. And he didn't believe me. He was like, 'Why you gotta take all this drag?' So I lied, and he followed me to the hotel. The first night, he knocked on my door, and it was a delivery!"

RuPaul recapped, in a more stately manner than Willam. "So in other words, you were receiving conjugal visits from your husband and, unfortunately, that was in violation of the rules?" Willam joked yet again in her response: "Visiting makes it sound like we were visiting—there wasn't no talking. But they were very long visits—he's 6'6"."

Even after all that, you could tell that Ru still loves Willam and believes in her. "I want you to know that I really, really believe in you," Ru said, "and I thought you had a chance to go all the way." Did Willam have any regrets, Ru asked? "I was gonna be flippant, but after hearing you say that, I regret that I maybe…," Willam said, trailing off, "…I should win next time." The crowd laughed at that one.

In another bit that didn't make the episode—but did go down at the Reunited taping—Willam admitted that she was the one who brought what was happening to the attention of producers. "I could have been getting banged out and not told."

Are you satisfied with Willam's explanation, Drag Race fans? Or do you need even more information?

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