By Marc Snetiker
Updated May 01, 2012 at 09:48 PM EDT

And down comes the second. After Seminar announced its closing earlier today following a complete shut-out from Tony Award nominations, the producers of Magic/Bird (which was also entirely snubbed by the Tonys) announced that the show will close on Broadway on Saturday, May 12.

Magic/Bird was a story that we wanted to tell and an idea that we believed in,” said the show’s producers in a press release. “We wanted to attract both an audience which had never set foot in a Broadway theatre, and to satisfy the traditional theater goer. We were honored to present Magic/Bird as a story of hard work, dedication, respect and love as the second piece in a series of sports stories. We are so proud that we were able to do this on Broadway, and though it ran a limited time, it attracted many new audiences to the theater as well as provided a vehicle for many young people to attend their first show.”

Magic/Bird, which tells the story of basketball legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, opened on Broadway to negative reviews on March 21 and struggled right out of the gate, taking in less than 20 percent of its potential gross in its first week. After receiving no Tony nominations — which could potentially have kept the show alive a few weeks longer — it appears that the short-lived play has officially run out of magic.

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