By Sandra Gonzalez
May 01, 2012 at 04:48 AM EDT
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On tonight’s episode, House was uncharacteristically sincere as he helped his friend, Wilson, get through the tough effects of cancer treatment. Don’t worry, it didn’t last. But before I get to that, let’s backtrack.

Last week, we learned that Wilson was fighting a pretty mighty battle against cancer. Stage 2. He dropped the bomb on his best friend at the end of the episode.

This week, House, as he put it, was ready to return the favor for every instance in which Wilson made himself a pain in the ass during a time when House requested solitude. So even though Wilson wanted House to stay out of his cancer treatment, House was ready and willing to do the exact opposite. The result? Some of the best scenes between these two that we’ve seen in recent memory. (Maybe ever? I’ll let you debate.)

Now, there were plenty of great bromantic scenes — first when House and Wilson were playing tequila battleship and then when House tried to talk him out of self-administering an aggressive treatment plan that other doctors advised against. And, of course, there was the entire second half of the episode, which found Wilson in weak condition, relying on his friend for basic needs — and a crap load of pain killers from his personal stash. (At one point, as seen in the preview, Wilson made House promise him that he wouldn’t take him to the hospital to die. House agreed; I bawled.)

But arguably the best scene of the night? When Wilson went to work the next day (is that even possible?!) and found his computer filled with a slideshow of pictures set to Journey’s “Any Way You Want It.” In one, he was pale and unconscious, wearing a sombrero. In another, he was also out cold and flanked by two attractive young girls. It was appalling and hilarious — and I’d expect nothing else from House and House.

After last week’s episode, I wasn’t sure where they were going with the whole cancer thing. But this episode delivered everything I’d hoped it would. Agree? Sound off on the episode below!


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