By Sandra Gonzalez
May 01, 2012 at 09:56 PM EDT
Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

The love triangle of Liam, Silver, and Navid will reach a boiling point in tonight’s episode of 90210.

In Navid’s absence, viewers have seen Liam and Silver develop a bond as Silver dealt with health issues (specifically, whether or not she had the breast cancer gene). They eventually slept together (surprise, surprise!) and seemingly on cue, Navid came back — oblivious to what had gone on. And when the secret comes out tonight, there will be fireworks, says star Matt Lanter.

“Silver is literally and figuratively right in the middle of it,” he says of the big confrontation, which takes place at Liam’s movie premiere. “Pretty much from there, it’s on between the guys. In the next few episodes, you’re going to see a lot of back and forth, insults, bickering and maybe [see them get] to the point of fighting again.”

Silver’s decision is not to be taken lightly, though, he adds. This is more than your average puppy love in her eyes. After learning she is, indeed, a carrier of the gene, she’s having to face big life decisions much sooner than anticipated. “Ultimately, who she chooses is basically [an indication of] her future,” he says. “With her situation, it’s not just, ‘Do I want to date Navid or Liam?’ It’s, if I pick Navid, that means I want to have a baby with him. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. That means he’s the father of my child. Those are huge decisions.”

And though Silver has, in the past, not been shy about hooking up with the guys on the show, Lanter says he feels like the pair has something special, considering he’s stood by her through her cancer testing and was always her friend first. “I think she’s really fallen for him and has some emotions for him. And, in away, she’s trying to suppress them because she doesn’t want the drama in her life,” he says. But ready or not, here it comes. And leading up to the show’s season finale, it will only get stronger and bigger, ultimately leading to what Lanter says are a couple of big cliffhangers, including Silver’s decision regarding her love life and Liam’s future in Hollywood. (In other words, you better hope it gets picked up for another season, fans!)

“It might not be a direction anyone might expect,” he says of the season closer. “There are huge, life-changing decisions being made and things happening that are going to alter their futures and the route they take in life. Hopefully we’ll get to see it play out next year!”


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