Oh, we’re off to see the Kardashians?

E! announced a slate of scripted dramas (yes, dramas, not reality shows) that the network has in development Sunday night, and one title in particular stands out: Dorothy.

Here’s the logline: “Inspired by the book Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, a girl from Kansas City falls for a man and moves with him to the Emerald City to work at his Emerald Hotel. From writer Natalie Krinsky (Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy) and Warner Horizon Television.”


E! also announced other titles in development like the Amy Devlin Mysteries (based on the comic book of the same name) and Anne of Hollywood (based on a novel by the same name, taking the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII and re-setting the story in present-day Hollywood). Huh again!

Here’s the full slate, keep in mind all of these one-hour projects are just development at this point: