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It’s taking me forever to think of a way to start this reaction post to tonight’s How I Met Your Mother because I’m pretty sad. Why? Because we have to wait TWO weeks until the next new episode, which also happens to be the season finale. That’s a double bummer. But, you could also subtract one bummer because it’s going to be a one-hour episode. So, now, it’s just a bummer. But a bummer nonetheless.

Have I sufficiently procrastinated getting to this? Probably three sentences ago. Let’s jump into it:

Tonight’s episode had to deal with Ted still getting over Robin, Barney trying to help Ted get over Robin, Barney fighting with Quinn over stripping, and Marshall training to be superdad.

For the focus of our mini-cap (full recap up later), let’s focus on this Ted thing. I knew Ted was broken up about Robin turning him down after he confessed that he still loved her. But I particularly liked this episode because it played to the truth of the situation: Moving on sucks. Moving on is awkward. And moving on means having to weed through bad online dates in order to get the healing train moving.

Ted was all aboard in tonight’s episode — thanks to Barney, as I mentioned — but it didn’t really go as planned. He was seeing Robin everywhere, including when he was on dates. He decided he needed to talk to Robin in order to set himself straight. Only problem? There was no time to talk because Lily was in labor! And the little fact I left out? Marshall was in Atlantic City with Barney getting needs-subtitles-when-he-talks drunk.

To be continued.

That’s right, a birth, an important talk, and a drunken journey from Atlantic City to NYC all coming up on the season finale of HIMYM. In two weeks. Okay, I’m getting angry again. I’m going to stop writing now. May contain peanuts.


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