Aubrey O’Day finally won a project for her charity on The Celebrity Apprentice, and last night she was able to present that charity, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) with a check for $50,000 to aid in their anti-bullying efforts. “I hope to remember every day what I’m fighting for,” said O’Day on the show after handing over the money. “Even in my room I’ve posted all around my bed pictures of all the kids that have committed suicide from feeling bullied or abused. And I’m going to be thinking about them during every task, because that’s who matters. That’s why I’m here.”

Unfortunately, less than 10 minutes later, O’Day did not heed her own message of respect for others. After butting heads with project manager Arsenio Hall — who did not initially agree with O’Day’s suggestions to do either a cheerleading or tap dancing routine for their jingle-performing task — O’Day had this to say about Hall: “Arsenio is the biggest girl on this show, so I don’t know why he doesn’t like tap dancing or wearing cheerleading outfits. We all know he does it at home.”

Mixed message, anyone? Isn’t that exactly the type of intolerance O’Day claims to be fighting against? And how would the charity O’Day is representing on the show, GLSEN, feel about such a statement? We went ahead and asked them, and GLSEN director of communications Daryl Presgraves responded with the following statement: “We recognize everything Aubrey has done on Celebrity Apprentice to raise awareness about GLSEN’s work to create safe schools for all. And we know people can use phrases without understanding their real meaning and true impact, and we can only hope that was the case here. GLSEN created the Think Before You Speak campaign with the Ad Council to alert teens to the harmful effects of disrespectful language, and thinking before you speak is an important principle for everyone on reality television.”

What do you think? Should O’Day be lauded for her work with GLSEN, or have her comments made her an unsuitable face to represent the organization?

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