There are some intriguing new materials over at the Dark Knight Rises website. Designed to resemble a police file, the website features a warrant for the arrest of "John Doe, AKA, 'The Batman'" and an internally circulated document from "Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley," noting that the mayor is insisting that the Gotham City PD redouble their efforts to capture the masked vigilante due to the upcoming arrival of Harvey Dent Day. There's also a list of addresses in cities around the world, along with a call to action to "submit photographic evidence of graffiti." Translation: If you live in a major city, you'll probably see a bunch of Bat-shaped graffiti today. (Although a quick examination of the addresses indicates that the graffiti is mostly appearing in the city's most well-traveled areas. The crossing of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco? Times Square in New York and Hong Kong? Yeesh, turns out Batman's pretty much the worst tourist ever.)

Snapping the picture and tweeting it with the appropriate hashtag appears to release one single frame from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises trailer. You can see the frames slowly taking shape right now at this website, although I warn you that I've seen paint dry with more exuberance. But on a more important note: Harvey Dent Day? Sounds like Gotham City created a new holiday for their fallen martyr/secret psychopath Two-Face. Coupled with that shot of Bane holding up a picture of Dent, I wonder if Rises is going to be about the battle over Dent's legacy, as various sides claim to understand what he really stood for. Sort of like when people debate whether JFK was a war hawk or a peacenik, except with more breathing masks and Hans Zimmer BWWWAAAHHHHMMMPPPs.

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