Backstreet Boys

Big news today in the Backstreet Boys world — and by that I mean the tiny little universe where time stands still that I have created inside the fours walls of my office: Kevin Richardson is coming back (all right!).

After leaving the group in 2006, the oldest Backstreet Boy (the one you didn’t realize you missed until you heard the remaining four guys sing “I Want It That Way” without him) announced over the weekend that he’s returning to the group. [Cue totally subdued, mature adult screams.]

The band first dropped the news over the weekend to a crowd in London, and posted a video of the announcement on their site; Richardson later confirmed via Twitter. According to the band, Richardson and the rest of the Boys will soon be headed back into the studio to record a new album.

Reached by time machine for comment, 12-year-old me says she’s “thrilled.”


Backstreet Boys
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