BOY BAND INVASION The English-Irish quintet release dance-ready tracks for the high school set
Credit: Andrew Zach

To the uninitiated, finding the differences between this English-Irish boy band and their fellow U.K. quintet One Direction is like splitting carefully gelled hairs. After all, they’re both five-bloke packs of medium-good singers shilling Top 40-targeted jams. But if 1D have a lock on the slumber-party set, the Wanted are after their fake-ID-toting older sisters: Club-ready, irresistibly hooky tracks on The Wanted like ”Gold Forever” and already ubiquitous ”Glad You Came” (culled from the group’s two hit British LPs) practically come with their own fog-and-laser shows. It’s the perfect soundtrack for partying all night — but still sneaking home before your parents notice. B+