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The Selection

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Tell me about The Selection television adaptation with the CW.

Let me say I’m giddy about this possibility! We won’t know until May 17 if it’s going to be picked up, but even watching the process of shooting the pilot from my Twitter feed was pretty amazing. I’m cool either way, but it would be awesome, right?

How exactly did that come about before The Selection was even published?

Warner Bros. offered to option The Selection last summer. We talked on the phone, and I felt really good about the television format and the possibilities we could use with that. The contracts went into work, and I didn’t hear anything for a long time and just assumed that was the end of it. Almost 99 percent of the time, things get optioned but never see the light of day. But when the contracts were done in January, I was encouraged to sign quickly because there was interest in shooting a pilot. After that, it was a whirlwind.

How much involvement, if any, do you have with the show?

I was hired on as a creative consultant for the show, so I got to look at the script and talk to the producers. That’s been wonderful! While I’m completely aware that it’s going to be its own thing, I’ve been happy to contribute in little ways. Like I have a Pinterest board for The Selection, and I passed it along, and I was told it was very helpful in set design.

And what are your thoughts about the casting? Is that how you imagined the characters to be?

I feel like there was a great effort made to get really great performers. I’m really pleased with the actors chosen. That said, Ethan looks more like Aspen, and William looks more like Maxon. That makes me giggle. But the way they’re built and express themselves, I think they’re right for the parts they were cast for. I haven’t been able to see any of the pilot yet, but I’m dying to! I have a lot of faith in the people both on and off screen.

What can you tell readers about book two?

I feel like The Selection series is more of a fairy tale than a dystopia. It’s not nearly as dark or intense as a lot of the others out there in the same category. That said, the second book does get a bit darker. There were scenes I just plain hated writing.

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